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Charismatic Chaos-Part 4

Charismatic Chaos-Part 4

Proper Biblical InterpretationCopyright 1991 by

 John F. MacArthur Jr.

All Rights Reserved

Tonight, we have the great privilege, I think, of looking at a subject that is important to all of us. I am not going to be dealing with a specific text, although we will cover a number of texts before we are through tonight. But I want to carry on our special study of “Charismatic Chaos,” looking and evaluating the Charismatic movement from the Word of God, by focusing on the issue of interpreting the Bible. One of the things that allows for the Charismatic movement to continue, to move ahead, is that it is engaged in misinterpretation of Scripture. I know that is a strong thing to say, but it is true. The movement continues at really an amazing pace, not only in America but around the world. And as it moves and catapults itself along it does so at the expense of Scripture……………  


 “This transcript article originally appeared here at Bible Bulletin Board 


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