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A Testimony from one delivered from Charismatic Doctrines

I came across a letter on the internet of a woman who was delivered from the false doctrines of the Charismatic movement. I wanted to pass this letter along in order to help some soul who is still bound by this movement. I hope and pray that you are blessed by this letter.


Hello SisterTracy,

I want to thank you for your wonderful site. When I first came across it, about a year and a half ago, I was a Charismatic who adhered to the NIV (although I rarely read the Bible!). When I first read some of your articles (particularly against Charismatics and the NIV “translation”), I was so furious! I started to study some things, in an effort to prove you wrong, but all I ended up doing was proving that you were right. A few months ago, I tossed out all of my new age Bibles and bought an AKJV. It’s truly amazing, before when I had the supposedly “easy to read” Bibles handy, I couldn’t get motivated to read them. I just couldn’t bring myself to read them. Now, with my AKJV, I read it with no problem at all. I love the Word of God, love studying it, love reading it. A few weeks ago, I also left the Charismatic church I had been attending on and off for nearly eight years of my life. After visiting your site, I started noticing things that you mentioned, like the tongues and the “holy laughter” and being “slain the spirit” and all. As I read my KJV more and more, I started repenting for ever participating in these things. You see, at one point in time I spoke in tongues, and participated in “holy laughter,” and was even supposedly “slain in the spirit.” I have ceased from all of this and repented before my Lord Jesus of ever being involved. I now attend a Baptist church, I plan on becoming a member soon and being rebaptized (I was baptized in the Charismatic church, but I want to disassociate myself from all things and events in that church). I can’t explain things that went on in that church, but now that I look back I can say that they weren’t of God.

Read full article here.

    July 14, 2011 at 5:54 am

    There is considerable biblical evidence that speeking in tongues is a genuine gift from God for all ages.

    Being slain in the spirit, spiritual drunkenness and Holy Laughter are also from God. We see in Isaiah that (far from being a blessing) they are, in fact, a judgement from God! To be more exact, they are a judgement on the people of God (particularly on teachers and pastors) for following false prophets. We can also see that a characteristic of this ‘false revival’ would be worship which, on the surface, would seem very Godly, but at its heart has nothing to do with God.

    The passage I am refering to is: Isaiah 29.9-14.

    I hope this helps. Other passages, such as Jeremaiah 13.12-15 may provide further insight.

    I am so happy to hear that you have escaped from the deception and am delighted to hear that you have a new found love for the word of God. Of course, it is not necessary to limit yourself to just one translation since no translation is perfect and every translation contains errors and the doctrinal bias of the translator.

    It is possible for even the elect to be decieved, but, thanks be to God; He will rescue us from such errors!

    • July 16, 2011 at 6:18 am

      I agree that tongues and spiritual drunkeness and the like are the judgment of God on the Church world of today. Just as God tested Israel by leaving unconquered people aong them, even so he tests the church with all types of false doctrines.

      As for your comment about limiting myself to one translation—–I believe you need to reread my post. I came across this letter on the internet, therefore by you responding to the writer of this letter concerning one translation, it will do no good to respond to that here. I did not write the letter and I don’t think the woman who did will ever read your response here.

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