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Prayer Should be Natural to the Converted

Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

Concerning Confidence in our own Intelligence

There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence.

John Calvin on Luke 24:45

Concerning the Hardening of our Hearts

It is a grievous token of hardness of heart when we can live contentedly without the present enjoyment of the Saviour’s face.

Charles H. Spurgeon. sermon, “A Warning Against Hardness of Heart” No. 620 Hebrews 3:13

Concerning Seducers

Seducers deceive by wisdom of words………They seem to be men of zeal and sanctity, and to be divinely inspired, and pretend to new revelation.

Thomas Watson A Body of Divinity (A Preliminary Discourse to Catechizing)

Are Reformed Baptist truly reformed?

The debate between paedo and credo Baptist rages on. Many think that the debate hinges upon a right understanding of the covenants. I myself hold this view. So here is an exchange between two Baptist on what constitutes a true Reformed Baptist and whether or not infants should be baptized based upon a right understanding of the covenants.

The Impossible Reformed Baptist by jaminhubner

Subject: A Challenge from a Reformed Baptist Pastor

Hello, Jamin:

I have noticed the explanation you give about baptism and the “Covenant of Grace” from a Reformed Baptist point of view. I have been studying the subject myself for some time in order to defend the legitimacy of being “reformed” and “baptistic” at the same time. My findings may surprise you, but I will like to share them with you if you like. The conclusion that has been taking shape on my mind, is that YOU CANNOT be Reformed and Baptist AT THE SAME TIME. Well, you and I (and a lot of other Baptist folks) may claim to be properly so, but the reality is that the biblical data simply is against us….sadly.

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Weekend Pause

Thank you for following this blog. Have a blessed weekend.

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

Concerning Original Sin

Original sin is in us, like the beard. We are shaved today and look clean, and have a smooth chin; tomorrow our beard has grown again, nor does it cease growing while we remain on earth.

Martin Luther (1483-1546)