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Are Reformed Baptist truly reformed?

The debate between paedo and credo Baptist rages on. Many think that the debate hinges upon a right understanding of the covenants. I myself hold this view. So here is an exchange between two Baptist on what constitutes a true Reformed Baptist and whether or not infants should be baptized based upon a right understanding of the covenants.

The Impossible Reformed Baptist by jaminhubner

Subject: A Challenge from a Reformed Baptist Pastor

Hello, Jamin:

I have noticed the explanation you give about baptism and the “Covenant of Grace” from a Reformed Baptist point of view. I have been studying the subject myself for some time in order to defend the legitimacy of being “reformed” and “baptistic” at the same time. My findings may surprise you, but I will like to share them with you if you like. The conclusion that has been taking shape on my mind, is that YOU CANNOT be Reformed and Baptist AT THE SAME TIME. Well, you and I (and a lot of other Baptist folks) may claim to be properly so, but the reality is that the biblical data simply is against us….sadly.

Read more here.

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