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No Such Thing as Purgatory

God has placed two ways before us in His Word: salvation by faith, damnation by unbelief (Mark16:16). He does not mention purgatory at all. Nor is purgatory to be admitted, for it obscures the benefits and grace of Christ.

Martin Luther Table Talk

Will we be Happy in Heaven, with our Loved One in Hell?

Can the believing husband in Heaven be happy with his unbelieving wife in Hell? Can the believing father in Heaven be happy with his unbelieving children in Hell? Can the loving wife in Heaven be happy with her unbelieving husband in Hell? I tell you, yea! Such will be their sense of justice that it will increase rather than diminish their bliss.

Jonathan Edwards


It is by Christ Righteousness

It is entirely by the intervention of Christ’s righteousness that we obtain justification before God. This is equivalent to saying that man is not just in himself, but that the righteousness of Christ is communicated to him by imputation, while he is strictly deserving of punishment.

John Calvin

Lies Travel Faster

If you want the truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world. it will fly; it is as light as a feather, and a breath will carry it. It is well said in the old proverb, ‘a lie will go round the world while truth is putting its boots on.

Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) Gems from Spurgeon 1859.


Christians Should be Settled

The second proposition is, that the way for Christians to be settled is to be well grounded. ‘If ye continue grounded and settled.’ The Greek word for grounded is a metaphor which alludes to a building that has the foundation well laid. So Christians should be grounded in the essential points of religion, and have their foundation well laid.

Thomas Watson ‘A Body of Divinity’ (A Preliminary Discourse to Catechizing)


Concerning more Posts

I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate your following of this blog. As you know I drilled a well a few weeks ago and therefore on weekends I have been digging a ditch for water lines, electrical lines, and such. I am just about through with this project.

On top of this I am with AT&T through a Blackberry. This is my connection to the internet and is also how I blog, update my site, update my Facebook Fan page, etc… Here lately my AT&T has been on the fritz. I hope one day to have another means of internet.

So I just wanted to let everyone know why I have not been blogging, except for quotes, and also let you know why my site has not been updated. It looks like I am going to be able to get back on track here in a week or so. Thanks for your patience and God bless.

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.

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Weekend Pause

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Hershel Lee Harvell Jr.