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Atheist Presuppose God

Do atheists really go where the evidence leads or are they biased before they ever examine the evidence?

This question is simple to answer because Romans1:18 plainly tells us that all natural men (those not born again of God) suppress the truth of God. In other words they refuse to believe the truth about God, before they even look at the evidence of the creation of the world. Romans1:22 tells us that they profess to be wise and by so doing, they become fools.

So the answer to the question above is simple. No, Atheists do not go where the evidence points, but instead rejects the evidence first hand.

I want to point you to an article from a man who has debated Atheist. He has even gotten them to admit that their world view does not provide a metaphysical foundation and even though Christianity does, they still believe Christianity is false while Atheism is true.


Proofs for the Existence of God – Even Atheists Presuppose God’s Existence by Dr. Patrick Johnston

After debating this topic with atheists, I have had them admit that their worldview does not provide the metaphysical foundation of what they all do when they express moral outrage, employ logical analysis or inductive reasoning in scientific experiments or in their scrutiny of Christianity. And they will simultaneously admit that Christianity does provide such a foundation! Yet they still insist on an empirical and naturalistic basis that Christianity is false and atheism is true, all the while admitting that atheism cannot provide the basis for the assumptions they make in their very criticism of Christianity! And who’s the one with blind faith? The naturalist excludes supernaturalism as a premise rather than as a conclusion, and so he is unwilling to go wherever the evidence leads. If they were, they would be led to the truth of Jesus Christ, because the transcendental evidence leads one inevitably to the Christian God. As long as they remain stubborn in the face of such thorough refutation, they demonstrate that their problem is not a lack of knowledge, but rather, a hard, sinful heart. The Bible confirms this truth: unbelievers are not ignorant, they’re not sincere seekers who just can’t find God, but rather, all sinners know the Creator but they’ve changed the truth of God into a lie for selfish reasons (Romans 1:18-32). Truly, “the fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

You can read the rest here.

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