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A Recommended series on the Five Points of Calvinism

My good friend and Brother Randall Klynsma, over at Northland Reformed Church, has preached a series on the ‘Five Points of Calvinism’. These doctrines, which Pastor Randall expounds, have been severely misrepresented by the opponents of the Reformed Faith. Some mistake Reformed Theology as only consisting of these five points, while others say that these five points are only a man made theology. Those who think that Reformed Theology only consist of these five points, knows nothing of the Reformed Faith and those who state that these doctrines are a man made theology, does not realize that it was the man made doctrines of the Remonstrants that caused the Dutch Reformed Church to give a response, which response is found in the five points of Calvinism.

Therefore, I highly recommend this series, on the five points of Calvinism. Brother Randall clearly unfolds the doctrine of original sin and shows how that man is unable to bring himself to God, in order that he might be redeemed. Due to man’s inability, God must unconditionally elect out of the fall, or no one would have been saved. Those of whom God elects, God sends his Son to die in their place. Those for whom Christ died are regenerated by the Spirit and have the benefits of Christ death given to them. Finally, those of whom God elects, has his Son die for, irresistibly calls, he also preserves so that none of his elect are lost.

Without further ado, I point you to these messages:

The Five Points of Calvinism Pt 1—Total Depravity

The Five Points of Calvinism Pt 2—Unconditional Election

The Five Points of Calvinism Pt 3—Limited Atonement

The Five Points of Calvinism Pt 4—Irresistible Grace

The Five Points of Calvinism pt 5—Perseverance of the Saints

Every man feels that he is a sinner

God, however, has a witness in every man’s conscience. Every man, whatever he may pretend, feels himself to be a sinner, and to need forgiveness. Ignorant and idolatrous as the Philippian jailer had been all his life, yet, when death stared him in the face, he trembled and cried for mercy. And if it was thus with the heathen, much more is it likely to be thus with those who have been educated under the light of revelation. The most careless and thoughtless cannot stand the approach of death. The courage of the most harnessed infidel commonly fails him at that solemn period.

Rev. Andrew Fuller–The Great Question Answered

The Holy Spirit reveals Christ to a sinner

Sometimes in the meeting I stop, and while there is dead silence, I ask you if you hear a voice. I do not mean when I ask it, do you hear it with your natural ear. I mean is there some voice speaking to your soul, some power touching you inside? Is some one making you feel as you never felt before. and you see your sins as you never saw them before? Is there One holding up before you the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that you never saw Him before, so that now He is not without form and comeliness, and so that now when you see Him you do desire Him? That is the Holy Spirit. He is showing you the things of Christ. He is showing them to the eye of the mind. He is placing them within the range of your spiritual vision so that you feel them, and are conscious that some power is inexplicably touching your soul. That is the work of the Holy Ghost.

B. H. Carroll—The Faith that Saves—Triumphant Faith

We need to remember Christ in Gethsemane

October 18, 2012 2 comments

But you know my chosen theme-the place where I can always best remember Christ. It is a shady garden full of olives. O that spot! I would that I had eloquence, that I might take yolk there. Oh! if the Spirit would but take us, and set us down hard by the mountains of Jerusalem, I would say, see there runs the brook of Isedron, which the king himself did pass- and there you see the olive trees. Possibly, at the foot of that olive, lay the three disciples when they slept; and there, ah! there, I see drops of blood. Stand here, my soul, a moment, those drops of blood — dost thou behold them? Mark them; they are not the blood of wounds — they are the blood of a man whose body was then unwounded, O my soul picture him when he knelt down in agony and sweat, — sweat, because he wrestled with God,-sweat, because he agonized with his Father. “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.” O Gethsemane! thy shades are deeply solemn to my soul. But ah! those drops of blood! Surely it is the climax of the height of misery; it is the last of the mighty acts of this wondrous sacrifice. Can love go deeper than that? Can it stoop to greater deeds of mercy? Oh! had I eloquence, I would bestow a tongue on every drop of blood that is there that your hearts might rise in mutiny against your languor and coldness, and speak out with earnest burning remembrance of Jesus. And now, farewell, Gethsemane.

Charles H. Spurgeon—The Remembrance of Christ—A sermon delivered on Sabbath Evening January 7th 1855

Chapter XXIX : Of Baptism

1. Baptism is an Ordinance of the New Testament, ordained by Jesus Christ, to be unto the party Baptized, a sign of his fellowship with him, in his death, (c) and resurrection; of his being engrafted into him; of (d) remission of sins; and of his (e) giving up unto God through Jesus Christ to live and walk in newness of Life.

c Rom. 6.3,4,5. Col. 2.12. Gal. 3.27.

d Mar. 1.4. Act. 26.16. [It appears that the reference to Act_26:16 in the original manuscript is an error. Most modern editions have Act_22:16 which seems more relevant.]

e Rom, 6.2,4.

2. Those who do actually professe (f) repentance towards God, faith in, and obedience, to our Lord Jesus, are the only proper subjects of this ordinance.

f Mar. 16.16. Act. 8.36,37.

3. The outward element to be used in this ordinance (g) is water, wherein the party is to be baptized, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

g Mat 28.19,20. with Act. 8.38.

4. Immersion, or dipping of the person (h) in water, is necessary to the due administration of this ordinance.

h Mat. 3.16. Joh. 3 23.

The 1677/89 London Baptist Confession of Faith 

A warning to the young

Our subject contains a warning to the young. If he, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy: Then beware how you feel, and how you conduct under reproof. During the present revival how often have you been reproved by preaching, by conversation, by the conviction and conversion of your companions, by the admonitions and by the strivings of the Holy Spirit? How is this season likely to leave you? Certainly not as it found you. If you do not profit by all these warnings, you will be seven-fold harder than when it commenced.

What improvement have you made of all the warnings you have heard? Where are you now? If my preaching does not prove a savour of life, it will be a savour of death unto death to your souls. Every warning neglected is rendering your salvation less and less probable; it is making the work of repentance more and more difficult. You are wandering farther and farther from God-plunging deeper and deeper into misery at every step which you advance.

Asahel Nettleton-The Destruction of Hardened Sinners

God’s Spirit preserves his people from fully falling away

The chief end for which God sends the Spirit to indwell His people is to deliver them from apostasy: to preserve them not only from the everlasting burnings, but from those things which would expose them thereto. Unless that be clearly stated, we justly lay ourselves open to the charge that this is a dangerous doctrine—making light of sin and encouraging careless living. It is not true that, if a man has once truly believed in Christ, no matter what enormities he may commit afterwards, nor what course of evil he follow, he cannot fail to reach Heaven. Not so is the teaching of Holy Writ. The Spirit does not preserve in a way of licentiousness, but only in the way of holiness. Nowhere has God promised His favour to dogs who go back to their vomit, nor to swine which return to their wallowing in the mire. The believer may indeed experience a fearful fall, yet he will not lie down content in his filth, any more than David did: “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with His hand” (Psa. 37:24).

Arthur W. Pink—Studies in the Scriptures March, 1937 The Spirit Preserving

There are a great number of people ignorant of the way of salvation

Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas; and brought them out, and said: Sir, WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED? And they said, BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and thou shalt be saved.

Acts 16: 29-31.

That great number of people, even in this Christianized country, are ignorant of the way of salvation, is too evident to be denied. It is manifestly no part of their concern, any more than if they were in no danger of being lost, or such a thing as salvation had never been heard of. Nor is this true only of weak and illiterate people; men who in all other concerns are wise, in these things have no knowledge or sense to direct them. The evil therefore cannot be ascribed to simple ignorance, which, as far as it goes, tends to excuse; but to being willingly ignorant, saying unto God “Depart from us–we desire not the knowledge of thy ways.”

Rev. Andrew Fuller–The Great Question Answered

Only the Spirit can show you the things of Christ

“Without faith it is impossible to please God the Holy Spirit, and whosoever cometh to God the Holy Spirit must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” If you think the Holy Spirit is only an influence, you will carry no petition to Him, for no man ever asks an influence to help him. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is a Divine person, that He is God, and will you tonight honor Him as God? You cannot spiritually discern the things of the kingdom of God; you cannot in the right way take hold of the things of Jesus Christ, and I cannot show them to you, and no other preacher can, and the whole church united cannot make one see Jesus Christ as his Savior; but there is One who can take the things of Christ and can show them to you so you can see them in a moment, in the flash of an eye, in the snap of a finger. I say the Holy Spirit can take the redemption that is in Christ and can make you see it and feel it and trust it as quick as a bolt of lightning leaped across yonder sky.

B. H. Carroll—The Faith that Saves—Triumphant Faith

Remember Christ in his daily temptations

October 11, 2012 3 comments

Further, I beseech you remember him in all his daily temptations and hourly trials, in that life-long struggle of his, through which he passed. Oh! what a mighty tragedy was the death of Christ! and his life too? Ushered in with a song, it closed with a shriek. “It is finished.” It began in a manner, and ended on a cross; but oh, the sad interval between! Oh! the black pictures of persecution when his friends abhorred him; when his foes frowned at him as he passed the streets; when he heard the hiss of calumny, and was bitten by the foul tooth of envy; when slander said he had a devil and was mad: that he was a drunken man and a wine-bibber- and when his righteous soul was vexed with the ways of the wicked. Oh! Son of God, I must remember thee; I cannot help remembering thee, when I think of those years of toil and trouble which thou didst live for my sake.

Charles H. Spurgeon—The Remembrance of Christ—A sermon delivered on Sabbath Evening January 7th 1855