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Sin causes one guilt and fear

Though you be an immortal and accountable creature–as your conscience tells you you are, whenever you consult it, and sometimes when you would gladly shut your ears against it–yet if you had not sinned against your Maker, there would be no cause for alarm. A sinless creature has nothing to fear from a righteous God. The approach of an assize, with all its solemn pomp, does not terrify the innocent; neither would judgment or eternity inspire the least degree of dread, if you were guiltless. But you are a sinner, a corrupt branch of a corrupt stock. God placed, as I may say, a generous confidence in our species, and required nothing in return but love; but we have returned him evil for good. You, for yourself, are conscious that you have done so, and that it is in your very, nature to do evil.

Rev. Andrew Fuller–The Great Question Answered

  1. November 6, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Good reminder

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