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Learn New Testament Greek

[From the website]


Welcome to Daily Dose of Greek!

The site has three main functions: 1.You can learn Greek “from scratch” or review fundamentals with the twenty-five video lectures posted in the “Learn Greek” section. Lectures are keyed to D. A. Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek, 3rd ed.

2.The 2-minute “Daily Dose” video, to which students can subscribe via email. Five days per week, subscribers will be sent a link to 2-minute video in which I talk through a single Greek verse.(Notice: Our “Daily Dose” emails will officially begin September 29th. Please feel free to sign-up now. Then, on Monday, September 29th, you will begin to receive your “Daily Dose of Greek!”).

3.Under the “Resources” section of the webpage, you will find additional links and resources to aid in learning and using Greek.

Please continue to visit this site. We will always try to add resources in order to help you better read the Bible in the original Koine Greek.



Go to this site to sign up for emails or watch the videos.

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  2. September 30, 2014 at 11:32 pm

    Wow thank you for sharing this resource!

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