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Growth in Grace 4 — Effort Is Necessary! Practical Conclusions

In 2 Peter 1:5 Peter quadruplely emphasizes that effort is necessary in the Christian life. He says: “… applying … all … diligence … supply …” Now I take up some of the practical conclusions which follow from this emphasis which runs quite counter to a lot of popular teaching on sanctification in our day!

(1) God does not just command men in general or Christians to do these things in order to show us our inability. He commands us to do these things, because we can as redeemed men and women, and because if we do not, the process of ongoing sanctification will not take place. The religion which dislikes all human activity and thinks of all human activity as of the flesh, as dutyism, as legalism, or as Arminianism is not the religion of the Bible.

(2) Effort is not contrary to faith. I have said that faith is first and effort is necessary, but there must be faith in our working. The two things required in growth in grace are faith resting and faith working. Faith must rest in the promises of God, but then faith must work out of the resources of the grace of God.


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