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Growth in Grace 12 — Perseverance Must Be Supplied with Godliness

Satan is the great liar and deceiver. The most effective lies always have an element of truth in them. In line with this Satan is the great counterfeiter, and you know that counterfeiting always requires something of real, substantial value to make it worthwhile. Few would bother to counterfeit some third world currency with an inflation rate of 100% per year, but many find it worthwhile to counterfeit the American Dollar. It is the danger of Satanic counterfeiting that was in the back of Peter’s mind when he penned the passage which has occupied this series for the last several weeks, 2 Peter 1:5-7. In this post we take up the phrase in verse 6, “and (supply) in your perseverance godliness.” In this phrase Peter is attempting to warn Christians against the Satanic counterfeits of perseverance and self-control by telling them that the genuine Christian virtues of perseverance and self-control are permeated by and have supplied in them the virtue of godliness. Self-control and perseverance barren of godliness, devoid of godliness, are Satanic counterfeits with which no Christian should rest satisfied.

I will consider this phrase over the next few days under three headings:

I. The Virtue Viewed
II. The Connection Clarified
III. The Lessons Learned





Read the entire article here.

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