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Growth in Grace 15 — Brotherly Kindness Must Be Supplied into Godliness 2

2 Peter 1:7 commands, “and in your godliness, (supply) brotherly kindness.” My outline is similar to that of previous posts on this passage. We have considered: The Virtue Viewed.

Now consider The Connection Clarified.

Again and again we have observed that there is a reason for the careful order that Peter observes in his list as he tells to supply one grace after another in the previously mentioned grace. Why does brotherly kindness follow godliness? And why is it precisely godliness into which brotherly kindness must be supplied?

John Brown proposes that the connection between godliness and brotherly kindness is that brotherly kindness grows out of godliness. He says:

“There can be no brotherly kindness where there is no godliness. It is by God’s becoming our spiritual Father that we become spiritual brethren. While I am ungodly, godly men are not my brethren; I am of my father the devil, and his children are my brethren. It is by becoming godly that I am brought into God’s family…”





Read the entire article here.

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