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The Biblical Role of Women in Society

Trinity Baptist Church Discipleship Training
(April, 2008)

The proper place of women in society has been an area of much dispute in our generation. Modern feminism has had an enormous impact on the American mind concerning women. They have fought hard for generations to make women equal with men in every way and as a result have destroyed true femininity. They will always be unhappy and unfulfilled because they refuse to recognize God’s gift of womanhood.

As Christians, we are never interested in directing our lives according to the wisdom of men or the course of our culture, but according to the wisdom of God as revealed in His Word. The purpose of this study is to examine the Biblical role of women in society – true feminism….



1. Every woman should strive to attain her full measure of femininity.

A. Satan is destroying womanhood.

With great blinding deception he is convincing women that men are doing all of the important work.

He is convincing women that work at home is unimportant and unfulfilling.

He is convincing women that self worth is measured in individual dominion.

He is convincing women that following the leadership of men is demeaning and a sign of weakness. That to be truly fulfilled she must take on all the qualities of manhood.

B . As womanhood and manhood is being destroyed the results are devastating

Homes are being destroyed as mom and dad give themselves to their careers while children are left in daycare.

Churches are being destroyed – there is a battle over leadership in the church

The foundation of our society is unraveling

Women are left confused and stressed because society is teaching them that they can be excellent wives and mothers and professional women at the same time.




Read the entire article here.

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