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assurance_redwoodby C. H. Spurgeon in .ePub, .mobi & .pdf formats

This booklet was formed out of three sermons that Spurgeon preached on the subject of assurance. Here Spurgeon deals with objections to assurance, the sealing of the Spirit, and the tests of assurance found in the First Epistle of John.

Many sincerely-seeking souls are in great trouble because they have not yet attained to an assurance of their interest in Christ Jesus: they dare not take any comfort from their faith because they suppose that it has not attained to a sufficient strength. They have believed in the Lord Jesus, and they have his promise that they shall be saved, but they are not content with this—they want to get assurance, and then they suppose they shall have a better evidence of their salvation than the bare word of the Savior. Such persons are under a great mistake; but as that mistake is a very painful one, and exercises the most injurious influence upon them, we will spend this morning in trying, as God shall help us, to clear up their difficulty, and to let them see that if they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, even though they should not have attained to the precious grace of full assurance of faith, yet nevertheless they are saved, and being justified by faith, may rightfully enjoy peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) was born in Kelvedon, Essex, England, in 1834. Though reared in the knowledge of the Gospel, Spurgeon was not converted to Jesus Christ until 1850. In August of the same year, he preached his first sermon. Then in 1854, when he was only nineteen, the New Park Street Chapel, Southwark, London, called him as pastor. This church became the 6,000 seat Metropolitan Tabernacle. Spurgeon preached the Gospel faithfully until his death in January 1892.

Pages: 40.




The True Position of Assurance

Full Assurance

Helps to Full Assurance

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