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Latest News from Sam Waldron

027a9227-9a3e-4e97-9d0e-b04a977ec340Dear Brothers,

Much has been happening here at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary over the last few months which is cause for giving of thanks and the seeking of your prayerful support.

We are thankful for the ongoing transition in our administrator position. Our much appreciated administrator, John Divito, continues to raise support for the African Pastors’ Conferences conference manager position to which he has been called. At the same time, our brother, Rex Semrad, has begun employment as our full-time administrator. He is right now being trained by John in all the various responsibilities of that position. I would like your prayers for both John and Rex and their various needs during this time of transition.

We are also thankful for significant opportunities emerging for CBTS in South America. We are organizing a modular course of studies in Bogota, Colombia with our brother Guillermo Gomez and the church there. We expect 60 students to begin studies in the first of these courses in late March. The course of study will consist of 14 modular courses which, when completed, will provide those students who already have bachelor’s degrees with what we are calling a Master of Arts in Reformed Theology Degree. Those with English competency who complete this course of study in CBTS Bogota will be welcomed to transfer the credits earned and continue their studies at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. Commitments have been made which provide for all the funds needed for 12 out of the 14 modular courses. We are in need of $3,000 for two courses to be taught by Spanish-speaking Reformed Baptist pastors whose churches are located in Latin America. They are sacrificially saving for the airfare necessary to go, but we want to provide these funds ($1,500 for each course). This money provides for the housing and feeding of the students at each course which is not covered by the fees already charged to each of the students. I would be glad to talk to anyone interested in helping these two brothers.

We are also considering responding affirmatively to a similar plea which has come to us from the emerging Reformed Baptist movement in Ecuador. They are asking for help to organize a similar course of studies there. If our board approves this endeavor, we will organize these two centers of study as CBTS South America!

Let me share another burden which I hope you will consider. Grace Reformed Baptist Church here in Owensboro is both the host church for the seminary and the home to a growing number of residential students. One of these has so commended himself to the church in the several years he has been with us that our church voted to raise support for him to be a full-time student. We are endeavoring to raise the money needed to set him apart to finish his course of study by the end of 2017. We also want him to have the benefit of summer internships in sister Reformed Baptist churches. I would be happy to discuss this encouraging student with any of you and how you might be involved with us in stewarding the gift he may be to our churches.

I could go on about other needs and opportunities, but suffice to say there is a great work to be done. Please pray and consider how God might want you to be a part of what God is doing here at CBTS.

The Lord Reigns,

Dr. Sam Waldron

Dean, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary


Source [Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary]

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