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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 36

WESTWOOD, August 1, 1885.


I would do anything personally for our excellent friend, Sir Wm. McArthur, and I earnestly hope he may succeed in his candidature for our borough; but the use of the Tabernacle for a purely political meeting would be greatly objected to, and would be very unfair to those of our friends who hold other views from mine. When a religious question is involved, the case is different; but in ordinary political conflicts we must resolve ourselves into individuals, but must not compromise the church which we officially represent.

I am for Sir William heart and soul; but I am sure that he will see that as pastor of the church in the Tabernacle I cannot use its place of worship for any matter in which the church would not be practically unanimous if I proposed to hold a political meeting there.

While writing on this point, I wish you could ascertain whether Sir William feels that he has a good backing for our borough. It would be a pity to fight and lose, and worse to let in a Tory. Could there be some test-ballot or other form of healing disunion? I know nothing whatever about the supporters of Mr. Keay, or about Mr. Keay himself. We will do our best for Sir William, but would like to know what chance there is, and who are with him, and who are not.

Your loving brother,


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