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5 Tips for Engaging those Different than Yourself

by Jon English Lee

I have a confession to make: I am a terrible evangelist. I do try, but I can’t seem to have much success or consistency.[1] I often find myself hiding behind the excuse that “I’m an introvert.” But the real problem is that I am just not loving my neighbor as myself. The task is made even more difficult when the people I am trying to reach are different than myself. I live in Montgomery, Alabama, the self proclaimed “Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement.” However, there is hardly a place that more demonstrates the need for racial reconciliation than this city. So, within that cultural milieu, I try to build relationships and overcome the relational and cultural barriers between me and my neighbors. Those barriers are numerous and varied: racial, cultural, generational, and religious, to name a few.

As I have reflected, studied, and prayed about my commitment to personal evangelism, I have gleaned a few tips that have helped me overcome the relational barriers it takes to reach out to people, especially people different than myself.




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