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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 37

WESTWOOD, April 25, 1887.


This man has been at four or five places since he left us, and has been very unwise. He asks me, “Well, what am I to do?” The people chose him, but Mr. very properly inquired into his antecedents, and said “No.”

I hardly think he ought to remain in the ministry. He wants to live in a College House till he gets a place, but I think it would not be for the good of others. See him; pitch into him, and relieve his necessities. I don’t think we can do more.

Have you any wishes or suggestions as to your jubilee? Your portrait for Sword and Trowel. I want one of the same form as mine for next month’s magazine. Will you send Passmore what you think the best one?

Thanks to your dear wife for her note just received. I cannot tell where we shall be. I go to Brighton, but do not want it known. I shall send… my address as soon as I find a lodging.

I have not seen an occasion for saying anything about Sunday boats in the park, and I always wait a seasonable time for speaking.

A thousand thanks for your address, and all other aid of last week. I thought you exceeding happy in that address, and several men spoke of it with special fervor.

Your loving brother,

C. H. S.

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