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Christian, never join anything with Christ

Spurgeon 3In the first place, Christian, never join anything with Christ. Wouldest thou stitch thy old rags into the new garment he giveth? Wouldest thou put new wine into old bottles? Wouldst thou put Christ and self together? Thou mightest as well yoke an elephant and an emmet; they could never plough together. What! wouldst thou put an archangel in the same harness with a worm, and hope that they would drag thee through the sky! How inconsistent! how foolish! What! thyself and Christ? Sure, Christ would smile, nay, Christ would weep, to think of such a thing! Christ and man together? CHRIST AND CO? No, it never shall be, he will have nothing of the sort; he must be all. Note how inconsistent it would be to put anything else with him; and note, again, how wrong it would be. Christ will never bear to have anything else placed with him. He calls them adulterers and fornicators that love anything else but him, he will have thy whole heart to trust in him thy whole soul to love him, and thy whole life to honor him. He will not come into thy house, till thou puttest all the keys at his girdle, he will not allow thee to give him all the keys but one; he will not come till thou gives him garret, parlor, drawing-room, and cellar too. He will make thee sing —

“Yet if I might make some reserve,
And duty did not call,
I love my God with zeal so great,
That I should give him all.”

Mark thee, Christian, it is a sin to keep anything from God.

Charles H. Spurgeon-God Alone the Salvation of His People-A Sermon Delivered On Sabbath Morning, May 18, 1856

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