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Coming Soon! Biblical Theology II with Dr. Richard Barcellos



The time for our annual January modular course is fast approaching. It will be held January 4-8 in Owensboro, Kentucky. Dr. Richard Barcellos will be with us to teach Biblical Theology II. After talking with him about this course, I am assured that it will be a worthwhile time even for those who did not have the privilege of taking Biblical Theology I with us two years ago.

We want to invite both pastors and others who are interested in auditing this course to attend. We are able to provide free lodging and breakfast for those taking the course, on a limited and first come first serve basis. Our course numbers have been rising over the last several years. I would, therefore, encourage you to make known your plans to audit this course soon to make sure that we can provide you with free housing. We can provide lodging beginning January 2 if you would prefer not to travel on the Lord’s Day. Classes begin at 8:00 am on Monday.

Auditing will be free to pastors and members of churches that are church-partners of CBTS, but there will be a $50 auditing fee for all others.

For those of you who will be with us for the Lord’s Day preceding the course, let me add that Dr. Barcellos will be preaching in our morning worship on January 3. One of our Basic Training students, Scott Autry, will be preaching in the evening. In conjunction with our evening worship, we will also be awarding Scott his degree in the MAPS program.

You can find the Syllabus for BT12 here:

Register for the Course here:

You can pay the Tuition for the Course here:

The Lord Reigns,
Dr. Sam Waldron
Dean, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary


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