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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 41

MENTONE, December 8, 1890.


It may seem childish, but I am full of pleasure this morning because I have dressed myself for the first time. My hand is not yet handy, but you see I can write handsomely. I am coming up to the surface, and no longer belong to “the submerged tenth.”…

Today is perfect. Every moment seems to do me good. I feel very feeble, and, after a drive, need to lie down; but the mischief has passed over, I trust.

Robertson’s sermon is printed. Do see it. He must be a sensation to hear.

May you have milder weather. My love to your lovely wife and children and yourself. I have to be penurious with my pen, for the hand soon aches.

Your friend, Mr. A., has written me a most loving, cheering letter and I have replied. I will write dear father tomorrow.

Not many people in Mentone. All the better for my quiet. Mr. W. O. writes a first-rate letter. He will help fill his father’s place I trust.

May you be kept up during my absence. I wish I were not forced to prolong it; but what else can I do? Love to all our brotherhood.
Yours ever lovingly,


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