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Free Ebook- John Spilsbury



Discovered and Proved in Two Treatises.

The First,

The Saint’s Interest by Christ in all the Privileges of Grace;

Wherein Their Right to the Use of Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper,
Even Now During the Reign of Antichrist, is Cleared;


the Objections of Those that Oppose the Same, Are Answered.

The Second,

The Peculiar Interest of the Elect in Christ, and His Saving Grace:
Wherein it is Proved That Christ Has Not Presented To His Father’s
Justice a Satisfaction for the Sins of all men; but only for the sins of
those that do, or shall believe in Him; Which are His Elect Only:


The Objections of Those That Maintain the Contrary, are also Answered.

Both Written by John Spilsbery

And the Last Transcribed, and Somewhat Enlarged, by Benjamin Cox.



Download the book here. (Pdf)

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