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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 55

BRIGHTON, March 7, [1875].


I think it very kind and thoughtful of you to write to your father and the more so because the time you have to yourself is not very long. It is a great mercy to feel so much better, and I am sure you will help me to bless God for it. Your dear mother has also been far better in health while down here with me than I have known her to be for a long time; this is another great cause for thankfulness. She is so very dear to us that we are all affected by her condition.

I am glad you desire to do something for the Lord and shall be still more so when you actually set about it. Time flies, and the opportunity for doing good flies with it. However diligent you may be in the future you can only do the work of 1875 in 1875, and if you leave it undone now it will be undone to all eternity.

The diligent attention which you give to business, the careful purity of your daily life, and your concern to do common things in a right spirit — are all a real service of the Lord. The hours in which your earthly calling is followed industriously for’ Christ’s sake, are really hours of work for Jesus; but still this cannot satisfy you, or at least I hope it cannot. As redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus you feel that you belong to Him and you long to shew your love to Him by actions directly meant to extend His kingdom and gather in souls which He loves to bless.

When once such efforts are commenced they become easier and a kind of hunger to do more seizes upon the heart. It is not toil, but pleasure; and if God blesses what we do it rises from being a common pleasure to become a sacred delight.

Whatsoever your hand findeth to do, do it with your might. It is not for me to suggest what, for the act of invention must be left to yourself, and half the pleasure lies in it.

I deeply rejoiced to see that you had written that you rejoiced in prayer — may it always be so, and yet more and more. Nothing gives us such strength, or affords us such guidance. The Lord bless you there and all must be well.

I have always hoped to see you a leader in the host of God. How it will be I know not, but that so it may be is one of my unceasing prayers.

Dear son, may all blessings abound towards you. You know I love you very dearly.

It is a very dull Sabbath here as to weather; I hope you have a happy day at home.

Your loving father,


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