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Zeal Without Knowledge

DLMoody-300x150by Tom Nettles

Of all the 19th century evangelists, none has had more staying power in the affections of modern evangelical thought than D. L Moody (1837-1899). A friend of Spurgeon, a friend of J. P. Boyce, an opponent of ungodliness and the developing worldliness of the end of the nineteenth century, an honest, sincere, plain spoken layman, Moody was high in unction and in compassion. He had great appeal to the masses. They seemed convinced that he was sincerely concerned about them; and he was.

Lyle Dorsett mentioned ten traits that gave Moody success and staying power in the history of American evangelism: Commitment, willingness to take risks, vision, sense of the Holy Spirit, high view of Scripture, Christ Centered life, confidence in young people, teachability, humility, and love for souls. Each of these traits can be well-documented in the life of Moody.




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