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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 58

MENTONE, Jan. 15, 1881.


May you some quarter of a century hence enjoy the great pleasure of having your son Charles to preach for you. Mind you must keep up the name — bad as it is.

It is a great delight to me to receive such loving letters from the Bishop of Greenwich who is also my son and heir, and it is even more joy to see that God is prospering you and making your work successful. I think you have made specially good progress in the time.

Stick to your studies. Read Matthew Henry right through if you can before you are married, for after that event I fear that Jacob may supplant him. Remember me to Mr. Huntley and all the good people.

I have not had this week’s letter from Tabernacle, and so have not had the eulogiums on your sermons. I am better and better. It is 42 days since we have had rain, and all along the fine weather has been unbroken.

I am so grieved about your dear mother, and my impulse is to come home at once, but then I reflect that I can do her no good, and should do her harm by becoming the second invalid to be waited on. Dear Char, don’t get the rheums or the gouts, but spin away on your skates and your cycles. Don’t go too much over the bridge, — but you may give my love to Sis.

Th sermon was capital. Thank you much.

Your own


P.S. Mr. Harrald and George are deeply shocked at your wishing them “plenty of beer.” From a teetotaler this is very suspicious, you should have wished them “an ale.”

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