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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 60



I married your uncle, James, yesterday, to Miss Withers, and then came on here. I am to occupy Hengler’s Circus to-day, and I am a little nervous.

We were glad to get your telegram at prayer-meeting and your letter from the Irish shore. We are all praying the Lord to bless you, and He will. Every memory of you gives joy to my heart, and brings tears of delight to my eyes. God bless you. May you be a blessing to Chicago, and bring one home with you for Greenwich.

Your mother has not been quite so well of late, but still pretty fair. All things continue much the same. I saw your good Mr. Batchelor last week at the Association Conference.

Mr. Menzies has just come in, and called me off from writing: he wishes to be remembered to you. I suppose you will now be in the middle of your work, and I pray that you may be divinely aided therein. Give them the whole gospel in all its simplicity, there is nothing like it. Thousands will receive it with delight and God will be glorified.

I think the Baptist meetings here will be a great success; they have hitherto been first class. For my sermon this afternoon there were a fortnight ago 15,000 applications, though only 5,000 can be admitted. Oh, for a blessing! I look up and expect it.

We hear good news from Tom, and we are doing all we can for his new chapel.

If you find time to write a few lines for Sword and Trowel as to any subject within range of your present experience, I shall be glad of it; but do not do it if it will be at all a burden to you.

Kind regards to Mr. Smithson, and any others who know me. Love to yourself from,

Your affectionate father,


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