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Billy Sunday, Part 3: Jack Rabbits and Creeds

Billy-Sunday-190x300by Tom Nettles

(See also Part 1 and Part 2, of this series.)

Among the public impressions that gave Billy Sunday such popular appeal was his vigorous support of Woodrow Wilson’s war effort. The money, at least it was so reported, that came in from the ten-week New York campaign in 1917 all went to the war to end all wars. In addition, 100,000 conversions were reported.

He handled his money well, with the help of “Ma” Sunday, and became highly solvent financially, but was never accused of any misdealings with the money. In addition to a large contribution to the war on Germany, sometimes he would give the entire offering from a campaign to some local charity. He dressed well and dressed his family well. His home in Winona Lake, Indiana, was adequate, but modest. Nevertheless, his income was many times that of the average person to whom he was preaching and newspapers often sought to generate disdain for him on that account.

Sunday, though not primarily bent toward political and cultural issues, nevertheless was clear on where he stood on many of the stirring issues….




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