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The Wednesday Word: Is Jesus enough for you Passion?

Wouldn’t it be magnificent to be more like Jesus? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be as compassionate and loving as He is? Look at the Saviour and see the love that poured from Him. Look at Him, weeping over the lost in Jerusalem. So we want to be like Him? … Do we? … When is the last time we shed a tear for someone who was spiritually lost? Let’s face it, many of us live and act like there is no Judgment to come for the unsaved. Are we praying for the Lord to show mercy to even one of our lost friends and family?

But Brother Miles, don’t you believe the doctrine of unconditional election? Yes, absolutely! But sometimes I’m with Spurgeon, who quipped, “Lord save the elect and then elect some more.”

All of us have been commissioned to spread the Good News, but many of us have no passion for doing so. We are like armchair spectators watching a football game. All of us have our opinions about how the game should be played and about the performance of the participants on the field. We, however, are fans, not players.

Reality Check! Jesus doesn’t want any more fans. He wants players … people passionate about the Gospel. He wants workers who, with their hearts, are involved in His harvest. Jesus said it like this, “The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest” (Luke 10:2).

The Greek word to ‘send forth’, in this verse, means to compel, to command, to draw out with force or to lead with an irresistible force. We are, therefore, to pray that workers will be thrust out into the harvest. But we can’t pray like that with any honesty if we treat the cause of the Gospel as a spectator sport. But, we don’t like to get over-zealous. It causes too much inconvenience.

Yet, we say, we want to be like Jesus. Look at our Master, He was totally set apart to His Father’s will. He was tireless in bringing the good news. He was passionate for the Kingdom. Look at Him with His nights of praying and days of fasting. Have we ever wanted to walk in those steps?

So let’s state the obvious, followers follow! But, for many who name the name of Christ, Jesus doesn’t seem to be enough. There is no passion for Him!

So, where do we get this passion? Here’s the answer. Take time alone with the Lord Jesus. Go into your room and shut the door (Matthew 6:6). Get alone with Him and His Word and get thoroughly acquainted with Him and His Gospel. Of course, you can survive with the ‘here a little, there a little’ prayer life, but Jesus will not become your passion.

Concerning prayer, Horatius Bonar said,

“Talk everything through with Him. Pour your heart out to Him- every thought, feeling, wish, plan and doubt. He wants, not merely to be on ‘good terms’ with you, but to be intimate. Are you going to shun the intimacy, and be satisfied with mere acquaintance? What! Intimate with the world, with friends, with neighbours; but not with Jesus! How strange! It is sheer foolishness to prefer the clay to the potter, the marble to the sculptor, this little earth and its lesser creatures to the mighty Maker of the universe, the great ‘All and in all!”

It’s easy to let our hearts grow icy. However, we can go straight back to Jesus with our cold, cold hearts, and warm them there. There’s no condemnation, only a welcome. He knows us, He knows our names, our character, our problems with sins, our fears, our deepest thoughts, our troubles, our trials and temptations. The Good Shepherd knows us well yet He has taken a profound and irreversible interest in our welfare.

Jesus Himself wants to become our passion. Whatever it is that prevents us from being zealous for Jesus, may we take it to the cross and leave it there. May we look, by faith, to our High Priest to apply all the benefits of His Calvary victory to us.

Is Jesus enough? Yes indeed, He is enough.

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

Miles Mckee


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