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The Wednesday Word: Is Jesus Wonderful Enough?

From the cross, the young Prince of Glory declared, “It is finished.” From His majestic throne, He pronounces, “It is done.” It is no marvel then that the apostle would have us to look unto Jesus to find the daily patience and endurance we need (Hebrews 12:2-3).

Looking unto Jesus … what a wonderful practice. But, what do we see when we look? Do we, by faith see the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of our salvation? Do we see in Christ our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption (1 Corinthians 1:30)?

Somebody once told me that the Christian life was easy. I disagree. I’ve found the easy parts to be easy, but the hard parts are hard, very hard. Life throws everything at us, but we can endure all as we learn, by faith, to see the Invisible One. He is our refuge and shield (2 Samuel 22:3). The same one who authored our faith will finish it! His power and faithfulness are enough to complete the work He started!

As we grow in grace and the knowledge of God, we discover that He is enough. So, we have to ask ourselves again, are we enjoying being His followers? We will enjoy Him if He is enough! But, if our hearts are still yearning for the World then we will remain in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. We will be caught in a ‘no man’s land.’ It’s like this, if we belong to the Lord, and we live outside of him, we’ll be foreigners in a strange land. Until Jesus becomes enough, we will be in a perpetual state of instability and confusion.

As William Mason said,

“My dear friends, be not content to live without a constant revelation of Christ to your souls: this makes the conscience peaceful, the heart happy, and the soul joyful: this inspires love, subdues lust, captivates the affections, makes the whole man happy in God, and creates heaven in the soul.”

Jesus is enough! He is indeed heaven in the soul. He is our King and as King He exercises a three-fold reign. He reigns over us, He reigns for us, and reigns in us. It is not, therefore, without reason that Jesus is called, “Wonderful” (Isaiah 9:6). His birth was wonderful; His person is wonderful; His offices of Prophet, Priest and King are wonderful; His work for us was wonderful; He was the teacher and the subject of His lesson. That’s wonderful! He was the Lamb and at the same time the shepherd; that again is wonderful! His sinless life was wonderful; His death was wonderful; He was both the sacrifice and the Priest who offered the sacrifice… that’s wonderful! His resurrection was wonderful; His ascension into Heaven was wonderful; His salvation is wonderful; His power is wonderful and His faithfulness is wonderful. Is He wonderful enough for you and for me?

Speaking of the Lord’s wonderful ministry, the old time Welsh preacher, Christmas Evans, said;

“With a mighty hand, He laid hold of the works of Satan, unlocked the prison gates, and broke the bands asunder. He opened His mouth and the deaf heard, the blind saw, the dumb spoke, the lame walked, and the lepers were cleansed. —-He took our yoke and bore it away upon His own shoulders and cast it broken into the bottomless pit.”

Jesus is wonderful.

He is enough.

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

Miles Mckee

www.miles mckee.com

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