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Free Ebook- The Church of Jesus Christ Seen in Biblical Types and Metaphors

by Benjamin Keach


One who has a reason to hope that he is walking in these great old truths herein set froth by that distinguished disciple and follower of Jesus Christ, Benjamin Keach, gathered, edited and published this small work.

These articles are abridged, but not altered in any way to take from or add unto the Keach’ s concepts. Keach included many statements dealing with secular items and other none spiritual concepts. These I have left out in an effort to reduce the size of the work and to keep our minds on the spiritual side of these wonderful truths.

Keach’s grand and beautiful truths reflect the mainline Particular Baptist Ecclesiology during the 1600s. You will find the church set froth as a gospel assembly, a general gospel assembly, made up of all the particular churches, and then in the total redemptive sense, the elect of all ages. However, you will not find the concept of the universal, invisible church made up by an invisible Holy Spirit baptism. The mainline Particular Baptists did not hold to that Protestant concept. However men as John Bunyan, ect. did hold to that concept. Nevertheless, we must remember, they were not a part of the mainline Particular Baptist movement of the 1600s. For further information about this, you are directed to B. R. White’s studies on Particular Baptist Organizations, and his excellent work on The Particular Baptist Records to the 1660. Mr. White was at one time the Curator of The Historical Society of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland. In addition, please see a certain Debtor to Mercy’s The Biblical, Grammatical, Historical and Baptist View of Ekklesia.

I trust that indeed, I am such a debtor.


Download here. (Pdf)

  1. July 1, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Wow good stuff, I downloaded it

    • July 1, 2016 at 8:37 pm

      Thanks brother for reading the post and downloading the book.

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