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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 76

November 23, 1877.


I have been greatly delighted with your letters and they have caused great joy all round; especially has your own dear mother been much cheered and comforted. Write all you can for her sake — though we all share the pleasure.

God has been very gracious to you in opening so many hearts and ears to you. May His grace abide with you that these golden opportunities may all be used to the best possible result. I am overwhelmed with your reception, accepting it as a token of the acceptance which my works have among the people. When I have you and Char at my side to preach the same great truths we shall by God’s grace make England know more of the Gospel’s power.

Char is working well at College and will, I trust, come forth thoroughly furnished. When you come home I hope that your practice in Australia will lessen your need of college training so that one year may suffice. Still every man regrets when in the field that he did not prepare better before he entered it. We shall see.

I hope you will stay while your welcome is warm, and while you are getting and doing good, and then come home a free man in all respects, free! mean from all entanglements, and buckle down to the work of the ministry here.

Receive your father’s best love and think LOTS of this letter, for I am so pressed for time that it means a good deal more than it appears upon the paper.

May our God bless you more and more and use you in His Kingdom to the utmost possible degree!

Your loving father,


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