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The Trinity: Prosopologically Speaking (Response to Some Comments)

by Tom Nettles

(This post follows up on The Trinity: Reflections without Recrimination by Tom Nettles.)

Are there necessary and fitting connections between God’s opera ad intra and his opera ad extra? I believe there are. Do the Father and the Son and the Spirit operate precisely in the same spheres and in the same ways in the opera ad extra? No. Is this because, as they exist eternally and necessarily as three persons in one God, these eternal personal distinctions operate ad extra in a way consistent with their existence ad intra? I would say, “yes,” and would see this as an expression of the divine simplicity, not a Unitarian simplicity, but a Trinitarian simplicity.

How does this differ from Liam Goligher’s explanation in a June 14 post? He writes:

“Better to see the matter in the economy where undoubtedly Christ, in the covenant of redemption (meaning, in eternity of course), and in the decree encompassing creation, election and redemption undertook to take into Himself our humanity and take into Himself the form of a servant.”

Did the Son, already anticipating his role as Christ according to Goligher’s use of language….




Read the entire article here.

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