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The Wednesday Word: Is Jesus Enough as your Life? (Part 1)

“Take away Jesus, and a believer is nobody—without Him, we are nobodies who can do nothing.”

So said the mighty Puritan preacher, Thomas Brooks

Tucked away in Paul’s letter to the Philippians we find one of the most profound statements in scripture; it reads, “For me to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21). This scripture brings us to sacred ground. I’m challenged when I read it! Are you? Is it true, for us, that to live is Christ? Can we say, with reality and certainty, that Christ Jesus is our life?

Paul could say it, and what was true about Paul should also be true of every other follower of Jesus. There is, after all, no elite class of special followers comprised of the super–spiritual, the apostles, the preachers and the like. There are no super-saints! We are all one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28). That Christ is to be our life, therefore, is the standard for every one of His followers.

Every follower of the Lord Jesus should be able to say with Paul, “For me to live is Christ.” As we bathe daily in the gospel, our lives become consumed with a passion for Jesus. Paul, as you remember, when he penned these words was awaiting an uncertain future. He was in prison and didn’t know whether he was to live or die. But, to him, it was of no consequence for if He lived, life would all be about Christ and if he died it would still be the same.

Let’s take a moment to think about it. Can we say, Christ is our life? Of course, we can say it, but are we honest? Is our life, perhaps, all about our family? Maybe, if the truth surfaced, we’d see that our lives are about us, our career, our ambitions and dreams?

Families are wonderful but precious as our families are, what happens if death suddenly takes one or all of them away? Or, what happens when our career is suddenly ended or our investments are abruptly evaporated. If any of these things are our life, then we will have no life. Our life will have vanished.

“Well,” you say, “my life is none of the above, my life is about what I do for Jesus.” To work for Jesus is good, but it is a poor substitute for Christ Himself. What if we lose our health and are confined to a hospital bed? We can no longer teach or serve or minister in the manner to which we are accustomed. Our life has disappeared, and we are left with nothing.

Paul’s life, however, was about a person, Jesus Christ, not about the work he could do for Him. He was madly and passionately in love with Jesus. Jesus was his treasure. Out of this relationship flowed his work and priorities but these things were never his life. Paul built all of his life upon a person. In that way, he was secure and satisfied. Jesus was always enough in every situation.

So let’s ask the question again, is Jesus your life? You say you are not sure how to answer that! OK, ask yourself, what do you do with your thought life, do you ever think about Jesus? Listen to me, you will always think about the one you love! Jesus taught that our heart will always be with our treasure (Matthew 6:21).

So, let’s ask again, is Jesus your life? Does He ever occupy your mind?

Do you ever talk about Him? It’s hard to keep quiet about someone you love. That’s why Paul was such a diligent preacher. He desired to make Jesus famous! Do you? Do I? Remember that a spiritually diseased heart births a tongue that longs to be quiet about Jesus.

And that’s the Gospel Truth!

Miles Mckee


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