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Blogging from the Bush

Even though we live in an age in which we can click a button and be connected to the world, it seems that technology has not kept up with itself. What I am referring to is having access to go online or to have unlimited data. When we think of technology we have a preconceived idea that the United States is leading the world in its technological advances. However, when it comes to the internet, we are just as limited as some parts of the world.

I live in a rural area of the southern United States. In order to have access to the web, I must use a wireless connection. The main problem with this method, of having access to the web, is not the speed, nor the stability of the connection, but instead the problem lies in the price. Anyone who is familiar with wireless internet understands that in order to have access to wireless data, one must pay a hefty fee. Unlike those who are connected to cables, our data bills are extremely high. On top of paying a high bill, we are also limited by data caps.

This leads me to where I currently am in my ability to access the internet. I have worked at the same job for almost fourteen years. In that time I have always pulled weeks in the excess of 40 plus hours. For the past three or so years I have worked approximately 56 ½ hours a week, therefore I have been able to enjoy the fact that I have had at least 20 gigs a month.

For the first time, in my history of employment at my present job, I have been placed on forty hours a week. Now most people would enjoy this, seeing that now they would have time to browse the net and stay current with their blogging efforts. However, this is not true concerning my present position. When hours go down at one’s place of employment, then so does the benefits they have concerning the fruits of that employment. Therefore, I had to cut back on certain things in my life, in order that I might provide for my family. Providing for one’s family is commanded by God.

Since my data had to be cut back, in order to provide the necessary things in life for my family, I cannot search for relevant material for my blog nor blog as often as I have in the past. So I am calling on those, who read my blog, to pray for work to increase at my place of employment. This will enable me to gain back my hours and to be able to keep up my blog and website, if it be the Lord’s will.

I will continue to put out a daily quote and when I see that I still have sufficient data, I will put up an article or two.

This does not mean that I am neglecting my blog nor my website. I had begun a process of converting older books into ebooks (Pdf’s) a while back. I have went back to doing that since my hours and data have been decreased. When I am able, I will add these books to my Free Ebooks Page on my website.

So I covet your prayers in this matter and thank you for stopping by this blog.

Blessings in Christ,

Hershel L. Harvell Jr.

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  1. November 2, 2016 at 4:50 am

    God bless you, may He provide for your family and data for the website/blog

    • November 2, 2016 at 5:25 am

      Thanks brother. At least I have some wifi at work in order to keep up with the comments and such like administration of my sites and blog. That is a blessing of God in itself.

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