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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 89


BOROUGH, Feb. 23, 1856.


A wearied soldier finds one moment of leisure to write a despatch to his brother in arms. Eleven times this week have I gone forth to battle, and at least thirteen services are announced for next week. Additions to the church, last year, 282; received this year, in three months, more than 80; — 30 more proposed for next months, — hundreds, who are equally sincere, are asking for admission; but time will not allow us to take in more. Congregation more than immense, — even The Times has noticed it. Everywhere, at all hours, places are crammed to the doors. The devil is wide awake, but so, too, is the Master.

The Lord Mayor, though a Jew, has been to our chapel; he came up to my vestry to thank me. I am to go and see him at the Mansion House. The Chief Commissioner of Police also came, and paid me a visit in the vestry; but, better still, some thieves, thimbleriggers, harlots, etc., have come, and some are now in the church, as also a right honorable hot-potato man, who is prominently known as “a hot Spurgeonite.”

The sale of sermons is going up, — some have sold £5,000. Wife, firstrate; beloved by all my people, we have good reason mutually to rejoice. I write mere heads, for you can fill up details.

I have been this week to Leighton Buzzard, Foots Cray, and Chatham; everywhere, no room for the crowd. Next week, I am to be thus occupied:—


Morning and evening: New Park Street.

Afternoon: to address the Schools.


Morning: at Howard Hintoh’s Chapel.

Afternoon: New Park Street.

Evening: New Park Street.


Afternoon: Leighton.

Evening: Leighton.


Morning: Zion Chapel, Whitechapel.

Evening: Zion Chapel, Whitechapel.


Morning: Dalston.

Evening: New Park Street.


Morning: Dr. Fletcher’s Chapel.

Evening: Mr. Rogers’ Chapel, Brixton.

With best love,

Yours in haste,


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