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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 98


MENTONE, Nov. 6, ‘91.


You have given me more particulars than anyone else. I do not complain of lack of correspondents, but no one has gone into detail so fully as yourself. Hearty thanks.

I see no reason why Dr. Pierson should not preside at Communion when Stott is not there. I think when Mr. Stott is there, he is in permanent office, and the Doctor is a friend supplying the pulpit, and so Mr. Stott should preside. It is a mere point of formality. No one else will raise a question at Dr. Pierson’s presiding; if they do, please let me know. There is nothing to hinder his doing so.

I get up in the morning forcible and go to bed feeble. The albumen was increased to one-third instead of one-sixth, when I reached here and it discouraged me; it has gradually decreased to one-fifth, one sixth. This, so long as it lasts, is a great drain upon the nourishment received, and requires a lot of milk to be taken to keep me going. I have not got on with the other help — beef tea. I do not like any of the manufactured articles, and our meat here is tough. Yesterday, I had a beefsteak minced, and it did me real service. The doctor says, “the kitchen can do a hundred times more for you than the chemist’s shop.” I do not find it easy at times to realize my true condition. I imagine that I can walk, etc., and when I get a little way I wonder that I made the attempt.

I am now to wait my Lord’s pleasure, and I know that it will be well. I sent the telegram that friends might not be misled by former sanguine expressions of mine.

It is a great rest to me that a W. O. is to the :front at home. How are you and how is your esteemed mother? Mrs. S. is moderately well. Brother and his wife leave on Monday. Harrald is all right.

I must not write more, or I shall come under the Doctor’s lash; besides a measure of headache comes when I have been for a short time with the pen.

My hearty love to you and our good friend Mr. Pierson, and all the brotherhood. Mr. Acland has agreed to be superintendent of Surrey Memorial School, and I hope he will be the right man. May the Revival soon break out.

Yours most lovingly,


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