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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 106

To [Mr. W. Higgs, Sen.].

PARIS, Friday.


You will be glad to know that I have mended every day since reaching France. The weather has been almost like summer till yesterday, and so I have been much in the open air and can now walk a mile at a time, though not without feebleness and great readiness to sit down. I have written very few letters, read little and exercised the brain as little as possible. The result is most satisfactory so fax. I am counting upon seeing you all again. You are ever kind to me, you especially. Accept my love and give the same to Mrs. Higgs and family. To save coppers I enclose a note for Mr. T. Olney, which one of your numerous family will kindly give to him on Sunday if this reaches you in time.

I hope to come home on Thursday if the day should not be too rough. I hope Mr. P’s corn will indicate smooth weather for that day. Old Moore says it will be fair, but I am afraid he cannot be trusted so far as the Channel.

I hope the Tabernacle will come out gloriously. I am sure you have had all your work to get it done. No I forget, it is Hill, Higgs and Hill; well, such success to them and especially to the young squire in the center.

Yours most truly,


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