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The Holy Spirit’s use of words:Example 1

Arthur Pink19. The Holy Spirit’s use of words. The correct interpretation of many passages can be satisfactorily established only by a careful investigation of how their terms are employed by the sacred writers, for not a few of them possess an entirely different force from their dictionary meanings. The signification of the words of Holy Writ is to be determined neither by their etymology nor by the sense which they bear in classical writings, but rathe by their actual use in the Hebrew and Creek Scriptures—with the collateral help of the Septuagint version. Each term must be defined in strict harmony with the sense given to it in the Word itself. It is because the average reader of the Bible interprets much of its language in accord with how the same is employed in the common speech of his fellows that he has an inadequate, and often degrading, concept of its expressions. The concordance will stand him in far better stead than the best dictionary. Take the word “chasten.” Upon human lips it means to punish, but such is far from the thought when we read of God’s using the rod upon His children—even “for correction” falls far short. Paideia is only another form of paidon, which signifies “young children” (John 21:5). One can see at a glance the direct connection which exists between “disciple” and “discipline”: equally clear in the Greek is the relation between “chasten” and “child” —son-training expresses it more accurately (Hebrews 12:7).

Arthur W. Pink-Interpretation of the Scriptures

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