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Free Ebook- Startling Questions

by J. C. Ryle

Available in ePub, .mobi & .pdf formats

This volume is a collection of the larger tracts of J. C. Ryle. They are all calculated to raise the tone of piety. In the present day, when the barriers between the Church and the world are so frequently broken down, nothing can be more timely than the efforts of Ryle to show what it is to be a Christian, in deed, as well as name. The tracts in this volme are calculated to make any reader think deeply – especially if he be a communicant of the Church. But valuable as we think all these tracts to be, we believe the one entitled, “Have you Assurance?” to be the most timely, and therefore, the most valuable. Much of the inconsistency we discover in the professed followers of Christ, results from not having attained to the measure of faith which is implies in “Assurance,”

Where are your sins? Are you an heir to glory? Are you saved? Do you Read the Bible? What do you think and feel about the cross of Christ? Have you assurance? Each of these astonishing essays begins in the form of a question found in the Bible. J.C. Ryle’s exploration of these “startling questions” leads to powerful and inspiring answers.

Table of Contents

Where Art Thou?

Are You an Heir?

Shall You Be Saved?

How Readest Thou?

What Think You of the Cross?

Have You Assurance?


Source [Monergism.com]

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