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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 120


NEWINGTON, S.E., June 26, 1869.


In brief reply.

(1) Is a case of zeal overdoing its work. I don’t see how I can prevent it.

(2) I wish I did know some one with whom to advise a change. O____

would have been a fit man, but he is gone to his rest.

(3) H___ supplied for me once before and was capital. This time, probably his last, he was flat, stale and unprofitable I hear — but he is a good fellow and capable of good things. Why did not the Bishop of Sunderland let me know he would be in town, and I should have been, and others too, charmed to have his aid.

Your friend L____ has refused to dismiss to such a wretch as I am, and yet I don’t wear a hatband or shut up the Tabernacle. Dear soul, has he dyspepsia?

Yours truly,


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