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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 125


NIGHTINGALE LANE, Jan. 17, [1877].


I think that at the time I spoke the rebuke was deserved, but I never meant to impute neglect of the poor to the voluntary principle, but rather to the form of government which produces the isolation of the churches, and their absolute independency. The Presbyterian and Wesleyan form of polity axe well adapted to reach the poorest localities and we can give abundant evidences to show that in Scotland by the Free Church and United Presbyterians the power of voluntary aid among the poor is abundantly illustrated, and in England all along by the Primitive Methodists.

Please to note that since 1861 which is 15 or 16 years ago there have been remarkable changes, — churches have been removed from London into the suburbs, and on the other hand many noble missions of a purely voluntary character have arisen and have been successfully worked, as I hoped they would be when I spoke so severely.

If your antagonist has no better argument than this very stale one, his cause is nigh unto death.

Yours heartily,


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