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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 132


LONDON, September 22, 1855.


Since your departure, I have been meditating upon the pleasure of being the means of sending you to so excellent a scene of preparation for the ministry, and in prayer to God I have sought every blessing upon you, for I love you very much. Oh, how I desire to see you a holy and successful minister of Jesus! I need not bid you work at your studies; I am sure you will; but be sure to live near to God, and hold very much intercourse with Jesus.

I have been thinking that, when you are gone out into the vineyard I must find another to be my dearly beloved Timothy, just as you are.

Now I find it no easy task to get money, and I have been thinking I must get friends to give me a good set of books, which I shall not give you, but keep for those who may come after; so that, by degrees, I shall get together a good Theological Library for young students in years to come.

If I were rich, I would give you all; but, as I have to bear all the brunt of the battle, and am alone responsible, I think I must get the books to be always used in future. Those you will purchase to-day are yours to keep; Mr. Bagster’s books must be mine; and I have just written to a friend to buy me Matthew Henry, which shall soon be at your disposal, and be mine in the same way. You see, I am looking forward.

Believe me,

Ever your very loving friend,


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