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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 186


MENTONE, Feb. 5, 1874.


I am greatly cheered to hear that you gather in such numbers, and shall be yet more glad when I hear or see that hearts are won for Jesus and that with your mouths you make confession of Him. I look with so much hope upon you, that it would be a bitter disappointment if I did not hear that some of you are saved in the Lord.

I have just limped up a high hill into the cemetery here, and there I saw a text which struck me. “But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him.” Noah was her rest, as Jesus must be yours. Just notice that it is added, “he put forth his hand, and pulled her in unto him into the ark.” She was too weak to get in, but Noah’s kind hand” pulled her in unto him.” Dear young friends, I pray the Lord Jesus to grasp those of you who are weary and weak, and pull you in. His promises are pulls, His invitations, and those of the kind friends who address you, are so many pulls. Yield yourselves unto them, and be pulled in unto Him. No rest is there, East, West, North, or South, for your soul’s foot, save in the ark of sovereign grace; but there is rest there. As the clove turned her eye, and then her wing, to the ark, so turn your desires and prayers to Jesus; and as she dropped into Noah’s hand, so fall into the hand which was pierced that sinners might live. I pray for each one of you, and have entreated the great High Priest to bear each one of your names before His Father’s face upon His own breastplate. May the Lord save, sanctify, and preserve every one of us till the great day of His appearing!

Your loving Pastor,


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