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Charles Spurgeon’s Letters-Letter 194


To Mr. Charlesworth with thanks for his letters and heartiest regards to himself and all the staff. This is my word to the Boys and Girls.



I wish you a merry Christmas. Think of me as I shall think of you when you are eating the plum pudding. Don’t eat too much, but enjoy yourselves over head and ears.

I hope you have each one deserved a thousand good marks during the year. Mr. Ladds always gives you good characters. But I don’t think even he will dare to say that no boy is up to mischief, and that all the girls are quiet at all times. I think you are better than the average laddies and lassies, and this makes me feel very happy about you. God bless you and make you noble men and women in due time. I wonder which boys and girls will be missionaries. Certainly not all, but all may be useful Christians. May the loving Jesus make you so.

Give the Trustees three cheers, and do the same for the friends who give the shillings, the figs and other things. I will be listening about two o’clock and if I hear you cheering I will cheer too, and if you hear my voice you will hear me say “Another cheer for Mr. Charlesworth, the matrons and the masters, etc.”

Bless God when you go to bed for giving you a happy day and ask Him to make you His own children.

Yours lovingly,


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