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The Covenants-Chapter 5-The Covenant of promise in Christ to Abraham


Purpose of the covenant; the original promise; its repetition with an oath of God; renewal and transfer of the covenant to Isaac; to Jacob; to Judah; to David; its identity in every repetition; the same in its purposes, and its promises, with the covenant in Eden, and the covenant of redemption.

The promises of God in the covenant of Eden, sustained triumphantly, the piety of his saints, until the covenant in Christ was announced to Abraham. Up to this time all that had been certainly revealed as to the person of Christ, was that he was to be of the human race, eminently ‘the seed of the woman’; but of what particular family, or nation, had not as yet transpired. Where men were to look for him, whether in Egypt, in Babylon, in Assyria, or in some other land, no one was informed. The object of the covenant now to be considered, was not more to renew the former promises of a Saviour, than it was to make known his family and place. For this great honor Abraham, ‘the friend of God’, was selected; and Canaan, ‘that land of vine clad hills, and blooming vallies’, was designated as the scene of Messiah’s glorious mission.

R. B. C. Howell- The Covenants

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