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The retreat of the Reformed Baptist Movement & there will be no Baptist Library Vol 2 at the moment

It seems that within the last few years the Reformed Baptist movement has taken a step or two backwards. Blogs that used to provide great content for Reformed (Particular) Baptists or websites that did the same, have disappeared over the last few years. The Confessing Baptist site is gone. One cannot click a link for it without getting an error message. Pb Ministries has disappeared. I could go on and on listing sites, but you all should get the picture just by the few I listed.

It also seems that there is little to no interest for a library for Reformed (Particular) Baptists. Having spent upwards to 18 hours a day building the Vol I Library has done nothing to peak the interest among Reformed (Particular) Baptists. I have had a few suggestions that I should build a library that would be Baptist friendly and that would also be an alternative to the Puritan Hard Drive. In other words, several folks have told me that I should build a library that would require the selling of a hard drive for Reformed (Particular) Baptists.

This was my goal. My goal was to build a library that was Baptist friendly and also a library that was so big that it would have to fit on a hard-drive. However, since releasing The Baptist Library Vol I. I have sold absolutely no copies. My posts have been shared on Facebook, Reddit, Tumbler, Youtube, Linkedin, and this blog. I have also had my post shared in several Facebook groups that are centered on Reformed Baptist Theology.

With 350 Cd’s ready to ship, but no buyers of said Cd’s, I have stopped thinking about a library for Reformed (Particular) Baptists and have started concentrating on how I will pay my bills. So for the time being, all work has ceased and it looks like I will be going back out on the road driving a big rig.

Now I don’t mind working and I love truck driving, however, I also love trying to build a library that will equip saints for the ministry of spreading the gospel. This is my number one goal in life and that is to develop something that will aide people in their study of the Bible and in making them more knowledgeable in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So my heart is divided. I want more than anything to put that drive together, yet I also have to provide for my household. Seeing that a labourer or worker is worthy of his hire, no matter if he has a secular job, or if he is in the ministry of equipping the saints, then whatsoever he does ought to provide for his household. With that said, I have come across many a website that claims one should not make money or be paid for their work in the things of God. This is simply not true. Scripture is plain that a minster is worthy of his hire and that ministry ought to provide for the necessities of this life.

Once I go back out on the road everything will continue on here at Reformedontheweb as usual. I have placed enough post in scheduled post mode, so that I don’t have to touch this blog for several months. However, as I have time, I will log into this site and answer questions, moderator comments, and pre-schedule some more post.

The Baptist Library Vol I will still be available for purchase while I am gone. This includes all individual collections as well. My wife will ship out the orders while I am on the road.

Thank you to all those who have followed this blog over the past 9 years.


Hershel L Harvell Jr.

  1. Mario Morales
    March 10, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    I have been hard at trying to find reformed Baptist resource and have never heard of the Baptist Library Vol. 1

    Also, I don’t have a computer and only use my IPad and the cloud so how does one use your resource with no access to a cd rom?

    I’m asking because I am interested in possibly purchasing this.

    • March 13, 2019 at 8:04 am

      Thank you Mario Morales for visiting my blog and for your question.

      The library should work on any Ipad as long as adobe reader is installed. However, it is on Cd and you would have to copy it off a disc.

      My goal was to create a hard drive for Baptist, similar to the Puritan Hard drive. However, because of so little support for this project, and a lack of interest by those who call themselves particular or Reformed Baptists, I had to take a job driving over the road in order to pay bills. Had I had more time I could have put all files into dropbox in order that thise who have no cdrom could still download them.

      Although I am over the road now, my wife still fills orders for me.

      Thanks again for your visit to this site and your interest in this project.

      • Mario Morales
        March 13, 2019 at 8:20 am

        Alright thank you

      • March 31, 2019 at 9:23 am

        Your welcome

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