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A fifth perversion of Acts 2:39 by Pedobaptist

The fifth perversion of this passage, and the last I shall mention, is the claim that Peter means by “the promise,” that infants are to be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and be taken into the church. “An Israelite” is represented as inquiring, If I “come over to Christ,” and unite with this gospel church of yours, “What must be done with my children? Must they be thrown out, or taken in with me?” To this they represent the passage as answering “Taken in, says Peter, by all means; for the promise, that great promise of God’s being to you a God, is as much to you and your children now, as ever it was.” How manifest a perversion is here! Strangely are good men blinded, so blinded by infant baptism, that they it seems, really believe that Peter teaches what they represent in the passage!

R. B. C. Howell- The Evils of Infant Baptism- Chapter 2- Infant Baptism is an evil because its defense leads to most injurious perversions of the Word of God


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