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Six glaring perversions by Pedobaptist on Matthew 19:14

And now mark if you please, the glaring perversions with which this whole Pedobaptist “exposition” is crowded. I shall notice six only. It is here denied that Christ designs to illustrate the true Christian character by the disposition of children, and it is asserted that this might have been done by the dispositions and affections of doves, or lambs, as well as by those of children; thus the obvious truth is repudiated: it is maintained that Christ here teaches the church-membership of literal infants, by natural birth; that parents have a natural right to “transact” in religion for their children impose upon them the vows, and ordinance of baptism and that God will accept it as binding upon the children; that in the last day, when God shall make up his jewels, persons will be “owned” by him, because they were in their infancy “dedicated to the Holy Trinity in baptism;” that Christ takes it ill of those who refuse to receive infants into the church, and to baptize them; and that “for aught we know, infants have received the Holy Ghost as well as we,” and ought therefore to be baptized! What perversions! What falsifications of truth!

We have thus seen how the word of God is perverted in order to sustain this unauthorized rite, in the instances of the apostolic commission, the address of Peter on the day of pentecost, the instructions of Paul to the Corinthians, regarding social and domestic intercourse, and the blessing of children by our Lord Jesus Christ. Many, very many other examples equally striking, might be produced, but enough has been said to establish fully the proposition with which we set out. It is unquestionably true that the defense of infant baptism necessarily leads to most injurious perversions of the word of God. This is an evil, a most melancholy evil. It destroys all just principles of biblical interpretation; it covers the sacred oracles with impenetrable obscurity; it inculcates error, and withholds the truth from the cause and people of God; by it knowledge is abridged; faith is made weak; religion becomes less enlightened; and practical godliness is overwhelmed!

R. B. C. Howell- The Evils of Infant Baptism- Chapter 2- Infant Baptism is an evil because its defense leads to most injurious perversions of the Word of God


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