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Happy 4th of July 2016

Reformed on the Web would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July as we celebrate in remembrance of our freedom from tyranny.

I will leave you with this quote from Spurgeon:

“NO truth is more plainly taught in God’s word than this, that the salvation of sinners is entirely owing to the grace of God. If there be anything clear at all in Scripture, it is plainly there declared that men are lost by their own works, but saved through the free favor of God their ruin is justly merited, but their salvation is always the result of the unmerited mercy of God. In varied forms of expression, but with constant clearness and positiveness, this truth is over and over again declared. Yet, plain as this truth is, and influencing, as it should do, every part of our doctrinal belief, it is frequently forgotten. Many of the heresies which divide the Christian church, spring from a cloudness upon this point. Were that word “grace” but fully read, marked, and learned, the great evangelical system would be far more firmly held, and plainly preached: but forgetfulness that “by grace ye are saved,” is a common fault among all conditions of men. Sinners forget it, and they seek salvation by the works of the law; they refuse to surrender to the sovereign grace of God, and entrench themselves behind the tottering fence of their own righteousness. And saints forget this, too, and therefore their minds become dark, their spirits fall into legal bondage, and where they ought to rejoice in the Lord unceasingly, they become despondent, and full of unbelieving dread. Brethren, I am incessantly preaching here the doctrines of grace, they are growingly dear to me; but often as I preach them, I trust they are not wearisome to you; and if they should be, that sad fact would not induce me to be silent upon them, but rather urge me to proclaim them more frequently and fervently, for your weariness of them would be a clear proof that you required to hear them yet again, and again, and again, until your souls were brought to delight in them. There is no music out of heaven equal to the sound of that word “grace,” save only the celestial melody of the name of Jesus. One of the early fathers was called the angelic doctor, surely he is most angelic who preaches most of grace. Grace among the attributes is the Chrysostom, it has a golden mouth; it is the Barnabas, for it is full of consolation; it is the Boanerges, for it thunders against self-righteousness. It is man’s star of hope, the well-spring of his eternal life, the seed of his future bliss.”

Charles H. Spurgeon–Sermon No. 958 “Dei Gratia”

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Audio Files from 2016 “1689 Conference: ‘Reign of Grace,’” now online

March 28, 2016 2 comments

MARCH 18,19 – 2016


covenant – cross -consummation

That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 5:21 (KJV)

It seems as though in the year 2015 there has been many challenges facing us as Christians, both from outside our walls and from within.

The church needs to be encouraged with the reminder of the steadfastness and surety of God’s reign through grace, which will not be thwarted by sin nor traitors in our ranks.

If it would please the Lord, we are hoping to achieve several things with this year’s theme: REIGN of GRACE.

Beginning on Friday we hope to provide an overview concerning a very important way in how to understand God’s redemptive plan which is interwoven all throughout the Scriptures – the Covenant of Grace. This Covenant is central to the 1689 Baptist Confession and is sure to provide God’s people with confidence and renewed hope that the Lord fulfills His promises!

Then on Saturday, following the reassurance and reminder of the promises and plans made to Christ’s people, we will offer teachings that have a more practical mood, in hopes they may exhort, encourage and equip those in attendance to continue to fight the good fight,
and not to grow weary in well doing.

So then, please join us that we may continue steadfastly unto the end in the most holy faith which we confess.

Come, gather and meet new friends who share with you in precious like faith.

2016 Audio Sessions

Day One Audio

Rev. Ron Baines – Of God’s covenant of grace (this topic is also further expanded in Ron’s second talk – #5)

TALK #2 Dr. Sam Waldron – Of Jesus Christ the Mediator by which grace reigns.

Rev. Mike Waters – Of reigning grace through repentance and salvation.

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and our proclamation of the gospel.

Rev. Ron Baines – Of reigning grace in and through the local church.

Dr. Sam Waldron – The Consummation of the glorious reign of grace.

Day Two Audio

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and our Perseverance during this life.

Dr. Sam Waldron – Of reigning grace and new church planting.

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and passing on our beliefs to the next generation.

TALK #10
Rev. Ron Baines – Of the reign of grace and fleeing worldliness.

TALK #11
Rev. Mike Waters – The reign of grace through martyrdom.

TALK #12
Rev. Mike Waters – The reign of grace in self-denial.

Day One & Two Videos – Coming Soon



Source [1689 Conference]