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August 29, 2014 3 comments

I have been richly blessed by the writings of Dr. C. D. Cole. He was a great doctrinal preacher, with the gift of putting his words into writings. Brother Cole has departed this life and is with the Lord now. He lived to see his Second Volume published on Sin, Salvation, Service. In fact he died reading the book.

The Bryan Station Baptist Church is printing his writings. His son has given us permission to print them and this is the next in a series of what we hope to print. Part I has been in print before and we are just reprinting it as it was. Part II of this booklet will be dealt with later on in this booklet in an introduction to the same.

May the Lord bless His word as it is read by those that search these pages.

Alfred M Gormley

Dr. C. D. Cole-The Bible Doctrine of Election-Part I-Bible Doctrine of Election